The Down Low On Dentures

You may tend to associate dentures with elderly people, but the truth is that even younger folks can be prime candidates for dentures. While it may not be something you are comfortable proclaiming to the world, having dentures is nothing to be ashamed of, and prosthetic teeth could actually greatly improve your oral hygiene and quality of life. Here is a look at some of the common facts about dentures. You'll see that there is a lot of wiggle room when it comes to comfort and availability.

Different Kinds of Dentures

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to dentures. Each person is different and will require a unique set. Nowadays, people can opt for full dentures, partial dentures, or overdentures. Here is a bit more about each kind:

  • Full Dentures: The client's original adult teeth are removed (or have fallen out), and once the gum tissue is healed and healthy, full dentures can be fitted and placed in the mouth. These dentures can be taken out but act much like normal teeth when chewing. Full dentures replace an entire palate of missing teeth.

  • Overdentures: These are false teeth that are fitted to your jaw, but are placed over dental implants. This is particularly common among clients who don't need all of their teeth to be removed or who have dental implants installed. Moreover, there is the added stability of having some original teeth to help hold the appliance in the mouth.

  • Partial Dentures: Partial dentures are used to replace missing teeth when there are still some remaining teeth in the patient's palate. These dentures fill in the gaps left by lost teeth.

Taking Care of Dentures

Dentures require upkeep and attention as regular teeth do. This means daily brushing, as well as check-ups with the dentist. When the dentures are not being worn, they should always be stored in a secure, water-filled case to prevent them from bending out of shape. There are even some soaking solutions made specifically for dentures.

Reasons for Getting Dentures

There are a number of reasons for getting a new set of teeth. Injuries, old age and serious tooth decay are just a few common causes. With today's advances in dentistry, such as dental sedation techniques, there is nothing to fear and much to gain from a new set of teeth. Clients often report more confidence, independence and comfort.

If you think dentures could be a solution for you, contact your local dentist, like Braun Denture Clinic Ltd, today to learn about how you can benefit from dentures.