How to Tell if You Need Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can make a huge difference for people with different dental imperfections, including crooked teeth, spaced out, or overlapping. If you do not know if you could benefit from these treatments due to the condition of your teeth, check out these simple ways to tell if orthodontic treatment is right for you.

1. You Cannot Floss Your Teeth Properly Because They Overlap

Do you struggle to floss some of your teeth because they are overlapping one another? This can become a serious problem because it is getting in the way of you being able to have healthy oral hygiene habits. While you may not have this problem with all teeth, it could be an issue that you are running into when attempting to floss the front row of your teeth on the bottom or at the top. When you are unable to get the floss between your teeth, you might need to get braces to move the overlapping teeth and shift them into better spots.

2. Your Teeth Hurt Because You Have Overcrowding

Does it feel like you have too many teeth in your mouth? Your teeth may randomly start to hurt because you simply do not have enough space in your mouth for them all. If this is the problem, an orthodontist would likely suggest having several teeth extracted and then getting braces to fill in those empty spots where the extracted teeth were located. Other teeth will eventually shift over into those spots.

3. Your Teeth Are Slanting to the Left or the Right

When you smile, do you notice that your teeth are slanted to the left side or the right side? If your teeth are slanted and not straight, you might need orthodontic care. An orthodontist could recommend different types of braces to you, including the metal braces that are the most commonly worn braces and straightening aligners that you can remove at your convenience when you need to eat something or brush your teeth. If slight slanting is the only problem, you may only need to wear the braces for a few months before achieving great results.

Not sure if you need to see an orthodontist for treatment? You might need to receive services from an orthodontist if you cannot floss your teeth because of overlapping, you are experiencing overcrowding, or because your teeth are slanting to a certain side instead of staying in a straight position. Wearing braces for a certain period could solve each of these problems.