Common Questions Concerning Dental Implant Choices

If you are considering dental implants, it is likely that you will find yourself overwhelmed by the various choices and types that may be presented to you by a cosmetic dentist. Most sizes and materials are specifically designed for certain types of implant procedures, which is something that the average person does not know. Even though in the end the dentist will likely suggest the right implant for you, it is likely you will be left with a few questions. Read More 

How to Know If You Have a Dental Infection

Unless you are someone who loves going to the dentist, you might have decided to wait to to make an appointment until you are a little more sure that you have a true infection in your teeth. To help you understand whether you might have an infection in your tooth, you will want to review the following signs. This way, should you find you are suffering from a few of the following symptoms, you will know that it is time to call your trusted dentist. Read More 

Temporary Dentures – Improving Physical And Emotional Comfort Of Full Upper Tooth Extraction

If you have recently been told that you must have all of your upper teeth removed, you are likely feeling overwhelmed and possibly a little depressed. Losing your natural teeth can cause a plethora of emotions. You may feel a little happy that the pain and struggles are over and at the same time depression that you will no longer have your natural teeth and will have to wear dentures for the rest of your life. Read More 

Preventing Hypersalivation When Wearing Dentures

Hypersalivation can be a problem when you first begin to wear dentures. It can cause embarrassment if excess saliva starts flowing out of your mouth at inappropriate times. In order to stop excessive saliva flow, there are certain measures you can take to prevent hypersalivation. What causes hypersalivation when wearing dentures? Hypersalivation may occur if there is too much pressure on your oral mucosa, make sure that your dentures are properly fitted to prevent this from happening. Read More 

What To Do If Your Filling Comes Out

It can be very disturbing to realize that one of your fillings has just fallen out. You can help prevent this from happening by regularly visiting a dentist like Westowne Dental so he or she can check the condition of your fillings to determine if any need replacing. However, if one of your fillings does come out, you should take the following steps. Clear the Pieces of Filling from Your Mouth Read More